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Driving Theory Apps

To spend, or not to spend. That is the question. Actually if you want to pass the theory test first time, you will probably have to spend a bit to swot up, either on a book or DVD.

After my driving instructor told me my 2002 book was out of date (surprise surprise), I thought I’d better get 2.0 on the Theory Test’s arse.

But how much to spend? The Official DSA DVD is pretty expensive – £13.89

So I plumped instead for the Driving Theory Test Lite by Deep River Development, a free app with 2 of the 14 test topics: Accidents and Alertness. I figured if it was good, I’d buy the full app for £4.99.

I did appallingly on accidents at first. I would have moved people with neck injuries unnecessarily and caused fires in tunnels. Luckily, the multiple choice means you can go over it again (you can choose to drop questions you’ve previously answered correctly) and once you get your test result, you can go back and look at useful hints and explanations for each question..

However, I noticed the latest update to the full app was 2011 and the most up-to-date DSA one is 2012. So eventually I bought the official one anyway. It’s just arrived – I’ll let you know how I get on!


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